Infuse Creativity with Short Stories

Have you ever written a short story? Have you ever read one? Can you infuse your creativity with short stories? There are tons of anthologies made up of short stories. But, do you know what a short story is? I mean, other than it’s a story that is short?

I was first introduced to short stories in Jr. High when our English class read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. It was short, powerful, and more than a little disturbing. I have never forgotten it. Short stories can pack a punch. Read more “Infuse Your Creativity with Short Stories”

Do you have time for creativity?

When you plan a time to write, paint, sculpt, or explore your craft, do other priorities rise up shouting for your time and attention? Family members want to talk or need help with something, friends call, and chores you’ve left too long start haunting you. Do you feel a niggling sense of guilt for spending time on yourself—making time for creativity—when there are so many other things to attend to?

How can you put these hinderances behind you?

Read more “7 Ways to Capture Time for Creativity”

Creative Space
Photo by Annie Spratt @ Unsplash

All creative spirits need a space set aside for their work—a personal creative space. Virginia Woolf claimed a woman must have a room of one’s own in order to write fiction.  I believe we all need a space of our own in order to create.

What kind of creative space is right for you?

Creative spaces can be impressive studios that artists drool over like awe-inspiring art rooms built in old barns with great lighting and views. They can also be as simple as staking out a claim in a small corner of an apartment. The point is not how impressive the space is, but how necessary it is. Artists need space to create. Period. Read more “Do You Have Your Own Creative Space?”


Junk Journaling
Bev Goebel

Be Inspired!

I spent a lovely morning with Bev Goebel in her Victorian home, surrounded by her awakening spring garden while she shared her love of Junk Journaling.

Junk journaling is a mixed-media art form similar to collage inside a journal. Bev creates her own journal books and fills them with bits of nostalgia and other recycled bits and pieces. She creates pockets with tags or slips of paper on which to journal. Read more “Artist Spotlight – Junk Journaling with Bev Goebel”

Fear of Public Speaking
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Make a list of the top five things that cause you fear. For many of us, somewhere in the top five – likely right after snakes or shark attacks – is public speaking.

Last Saturday I had the distinct privilege to attend a talk given by Andre Simoneau and Troy Lynette titled “Pause Time, Travel to the Future & Speak Confidently.” Now you should know, I get queasy even thinking about speaking publicly. I joke that it’s fundamentally why I write. I can be my introverted self, sitting nestled away with my laptop and say all that I want to without ever having to face my audience. It’s a lie I tell myself so I won’t have a nervous breakdown. Read more “What is One Thing People Fear the Most?”


Image courtesy of Wiki Commons

Frederika Dicker-Brandeis—a woman who understood

the healing power of art.

Frederika “Friedl” Dicker-Brandeis was an Austrian artist and educator murdered in the Auschwitz-Birkenaur extermination camp in World War II. Friedl understood the healing power of art and shared creativity in a way that gave hope, love, and emotional sustenance to hundreds of children in a dark and evil time during the war. The art created by the imprisoned children continues to teach lessons of love and perseverence today. Read more “The Healing Power of Art”

Image Courtesy of Dawn Patterson

Art journaling is the perfect way to experiment and play with new ideas, techniques, and mediums. Dawn Patterson teaches Art Journaling. She enjoys both personal art journaling and Bible art journaling. She started exploring this art form because it was a creative outlet that can take as little as 5 -10 minutes (or hours, if you prefer). Read more “Art Journaling – An Artist’s Playground”

Image courtesy of Wiki-Commons

Share your art.

 You are designed to be a creative person. You are gifted in a specific way, but the gift isn’t for you alone. The gifts we have are meant to be shared. Keep reading to learn 15 ways to share your art.

“Creativity takes courage”

~ Henri Matisse

How do you share your art when you struggle with insecurities; when your inner-critic shouts down your attempts? Read more “15 Ways to Share Your Art”

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Artistic spirits are tender and skittish by nature and in the beginning, they are easily discouraged.

Today a woman I met in an on-line synopsis class told me about a story she wrote back in college. She showed it to an older man she respected and asked his opinion. He was so ugly and mean to her that she wasn’t able to write another creative word for 20 years.

I have a similar tale and I’m certain many of you do too. When I was nineteen, I drew a portrait of my Read more “The Skittish Nature of Artistic Spirits”